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AE Training are pleased to deliver Nationally Recognised Training on behalf of The First Aid Group RTO 32268.

We can all look at the statistics, take a gamble and believe it will never happen to us…..but what happens when a first aid emergency takes place in your own home? Backyard? Pool? With your family? Your friends? In your street? At work in your office? What if you are your own casualty? What would you do to help yourself?

Perhaps one day the people I train will help me or my family and friends or perhaps one day I can help them and their loved ones. Being current in first aid is a basic life skill we all need, sometimes time is critical and it can come down to life and death in any age group, in any environment at any time.


When we are emotionally connected to our casualty our response and treatment can be vastly different to that of a stranger, and it is confronting – we need a plan to follow just like we train for a fire evacuation we need a first aid response plan and it is too often overlooked in everyday homes and workplaces.

I am a member of  – National Institute of First Aid Trainers, and have been current in first aid from 1996. I have seen, and been part of, some changes especially from an aviation perspective which is my background. Helping people at 40,000 ft has helped me believe in a training approach that makes learning how to react a little less dramatic, very much common sense, a practical approach which does take the lead in my training delivery.

I love training, I love enabling people and I truly believe first aid is a life skill that needs to be given priority. I have recently pursued a path delivering training to smaller groups, mostly corporate clients, who look for an efficient top quality product which brings skill into the workplace. But also, into homes and neighbourhood’s where people like you and I can make a difference.

The service is personalised, and contextualised where possible, I can come to you when and where suits the business or group of people.

Education gives us confidence. Understanding the components of a basic first aid kit can buy us some time. I hope to see you soon for some first aid, the training environment needs to be friendly and professional, that’s my aim! And my hope is you’ll have me back again!

Thanks, Alex.

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